HIGH CAMP - A Community in the Wilderness

The story of Alpine Lakes High Camp spans decades of remote mountaineering, land conservation, and generations of guests embracing the unique energy of this special backcountry property alongside the Alpine Lakes Wilderness area. It's history is rich with laughs, challenges, and rare outdoor experiences. The number of people who have helped to shape and improve it over the years is simply impossible to list. To all of those who have been a part of the journey - Thank You!


Bill & Peg STark

This renowned Leavenworth couple first founded "Nomad Camp" in 1978 with the goal of introducing people to the Alpine Lakes area they loved. Bill and Peg made their initial visit to the Enchantments in 1959, which at the time was an unknown area of the Cascades and the lack of trails meant they had to bushwack their way in. Over the years, they camped in the area more than 100 times by their own estimate. The Stark's legacy will live on in many of the names of the peaks, ridges, lakes, and other geological features of the Enchantments and the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, which they helped create in the 1970s and further expanded later.

The Starks not only created a legacy with the foundation of the Enchantments and the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, but they also introduced hundreds of people to the region through the camp, which they ran for more than 15 years. Their favorite time of year was the first week in October "when vine maple turns red, the alpine larch spins gold, and the air becomes a crisp memory of summer."

When not at High Camp, Bill and Peg could be seen nearly every day walking arm in arm through Leavenworth, not far from the enchanted high country they loved so much.

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Don & Chris Hanson

Don and Chris became the next stewards of Scottish Lakes High Camp in 1994 and championed the growth of cabins and operations of this unique backcountry business. Over the next 23 years, they introduced multiple generations to the splendor of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness area, just a short hike from camp. Over time, they created an incredible extended family of dedicated friends and guests.

Whether it was through maintenance assistance, woodcutting parties, or just simple appreciation of the space - everyone brought something special to High Camp. This community was hit hard by the loss of Don, who passed in the backcountry while in the midst of his constant effort to improve camp and the surrounding trails. Their inspiring work created a unique wilderness property that can be seen through just about everything at High Camp! Generations of guests reminisce on the care and thoughtfulness the Hanson's brought to each interaction in the wilderness area they loved so much.

Justin & Austin Donohue

This adventurous couple has recently come on as the new owners of Alpine Lakes High Camp in 2017 and are eager (and aware) of the work and responsibility this entails! Their dedication to land conservation and outdoor recreation, paired with their value of the rejuvenating impact of nature led them to Leavenworth and to this amazing opportunity. They are constantly grateful and honored to be a part of an incredible community in town and in the high country. Their paths have led them to High Camp and to a lifestyle immersed in the outdoor landscape they love so much.

In the Press

In the Press

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