“It is a scientific fact,” he wrote, “that the occasional contemplation of natural scenes of an impressive character, particularly if this contemplation occurs in connections with relief from ordinary cares, change of air and change of habits, is favorable to the health and vigor of men … that it not only gives pleasure for the time being, but increases the subsequent capacity for happiness and the means of securing happiness.”*

This is a quote from Frederick Law Olmstead a landscape architect who lived from 1822 to 1903. I guess he can be forgiven for his focus on men rather than men and women. At any rate these words speak to us today as they did in Olmstead’s time. We may need the wilderness even more! As a result we have prepared Scottish Lakes for the coming winter season and look forward to your visit.

Yes, we have worked hard!

  • Paintbrush cabin has a new roof, kitchen counter, single mattress, chimney system and even a new door!
  • Lupine cabin has a new porch and stair.
  • In Gentian cabin we moved the stove to create more living space.
  • We completed a much needed propane repair in Foxfire
  • Every window at High Camp has been washed inside and out
  • All chimneys have been swept
  • We painted all outhouse interior floors and benches and most cabin floors
  • There are new kitchen counters in Trillium cabin and Larspur cabin.
  • All the suburbans have had tune ups and repairs.
  • The snocat has new tracks, batteries, cables, hydraulic fluid and much more
  • The snomobiles are getting tune ups now
  • All the wood has been cut, split and stacked throughout High Camp.
  • We plugged a worm hole in the hot tub.
  • We reinforced the stairs to the hot tub deck.
  • Small repairs have been made throughout High Camp.
  • We have found a new company to clear the lower road since our old company sold their road grader.
  • Some trees have been cleared off Wild Bill Hill to make room for easy downhill skiing and snowboarding.
  • On November 28 and 29 we will mark trails for winter.
  • All the rugs have been washed.
  • Cabins have been inventoried to make sure the inventory is complete.
  • The fire extinguishers have been checked and upgraded.
  • We bought a new “old truck” for woodcutting and to use as a gas station at mid mountain during the winter.
  • The gas and diesel tanks are full!
  • I bet I even forgot some things that we did.

We are ready! Let it snow!


*Yosemite and the Southern Sierra by David T. Page