Well, we bought ourselves a new snowmobile! It is awesome…and big! As you can see in the photo the back basket is huge. The machine is strong and easy to drive. It holds 2 passengers behind the driver and more! Rich was able to take Kellie and Matt along with their dog, Clover plus their gear up all at once!

During our regular season in the winter we allow dogs at High Camp midweek. We recommend skiing in from mid mountain with your dog. Not all canines appreciate a ride on a snowmobile! It is also a great way to give the dog the exercise they love as you ski up. We never allow dogs to run along side the snowmobile as we transport the owners. Dogs want to run as fast as possible to stay with their owner whether it is good for them or not. We do not want to force dogs into this desperate situation. It is also a safety matter since dogs sometimes run in front of the snowmobiles with no warning.

Back to bragging about our new sled! It is bigger, wider, and stronger than any snowmobile we have. It is the perfect fit for our transportation system. Now we all fight over who gets to drive it!