Q: How should I pack my stuff?

A: Gear: Waterproof duffle bags or backpacks work best for clothes and personal items

A: Food: Coolers are ideal for items that need refrigeration and a plastic tub works well for storing non-perishable food items. NO open topped bags allowed - please ensure all bags can be zipped/closed to ensure nothing is lost during transport. 

A: Skis/boots: Please have boots packed inside a bag and not loose. Skis should be strapped together, ideally with poles connected. All these steps help us ensure your gear and personal items are taken care of and secured during transport! Thanks so much!

Q: What's the weather going to be during my visit?
A: No! Reservations always ensure that your party will stay in their own private cabin.

Q: Do I have to share a cabin with guests from other parties?
A: We prefer the NOAA weather forecast as the best option for the High Camp area.

Q: What about dogs?
A: Dogs are allowed at High Camp on weekdays (Mon morning thru Friday evening) throughout the year. Dogs are $30/night with no additional transport fee. Max 2 dogs per cabin and max 6 dogs at High Camp at any given time. Vaccinations must be up to date. No aggressive behavior or excessive barking allowed. Contact us about service dogs at High Camp.

Q: What about tipping staff?
A: Traditionally, guests who have enjoyed their stay at High Camp and appreciate the staff's hard work and long days have found it appropriate to tip. Although it is ultimately your personal choice, tipping is greatly appreciated!

Q: Please explain the transportation rates.
A: We charge a flat transportation fee that varies based on the season and if its an adult or child, which includes round-trip transport to and from High Camp to our parking lot along Highway 2. You do have the option to ski/hike/bike up and/or down, and we will haul your gear. Please email us if you plan to haul all your gear in and out, so we can drop the transport cost. 

Q: Do I need a Forest Service Pass or Sno-Park Permit to park in your lot?
A: No. Our fenced parking lot is private and reserved for High Camp guests only.

Q: What is your pickup (arrival) time policy?
A: We offer 2-3 pickup time options (based on day of the week) which our guests select during the booking process online. Often there are over-lapping trips coming down from High Camp taking guests out to our parking lot after their visit. The schedule works perfectly if everyone is on time.

Please make every effort to arrive at our parking lot at least 30 minutes before your pick up time. This gives you time to get ready for the trip! If you are run into travel issues that make you a little late please call 509-763-3044 to let us know. Often there are other guests at the same pick up time and we don’t want to make them wait very long, especially as this can impact our transport schedule throughout the day.

If you arrive later at the parking lot we will do our best to get you to High Camp in a timely manner. An additional charge of $50 will be added to your transportation fee if your late arrival at the parking lot creates problems for other guests or our staff.

We appreciate your business and strive to make your stay at Alpine Lakes High Camp enjoyable and stress free! Please call us at 509-763-3044 if you have any questions!

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: Before 30 Days: Full refund of deposit available minus $20.00 cancellation fee

Within 30 Days: Trips cancelled with less than 30 days notice will lose deposit

Within 14 Days: Full lodging amount will be charged (minus transportation costs) if cabin cannot be re-booked.

Q: Are there still designated Family Weekends?
A: We no longer have designated Family Weekends but offer the first additional child (ages 5-12) FREE at no extra lodging cost year-round. Kids are welcome anytime and at any age. We strive to be a very family-friendly backcountry resort!

Q: Are any of the ski trails suitable for beginners?
A: YES! About 9-10 miles of our marked trail system have been designated as either “easier” or “easiest”. Please refer to our trail map on the website for details.

Q: Do you provide linens such as pillow cases?
A: No. We provide pillows and comfy mattresses, but you are responsible for bringing you own sleeping bag/linens/pillow case.  

Q: Do we need to bring our own water?
A: No. Our water comes from an underground mountain spring on property!