backcountry and cross-country skiing

Ski out the backdoor! Alpine Lakes High Camp sits at the hub of an elaborate 35-mile network of xc ski trails and access to tens of thousands of acres of backcountry skiing!

These highly scenic and well-marked trails offer a great variety of beginning, intermediate and advanced terrain, including off-trail slopes ideal for telemarking. Creating loop trips of differing lengths and ability levels is easy! Color, topographical maps of our trail system are provided to all guests.

Backcountry snowboarding/skiing is another winter activity that has greatly grown in popularity in recent years. Slopes immediately around Alpine Lakes High Camp range from gentle to challenging. Two well-marked routes lead backcountry skiers and snowboarders to the more challenging slopes of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area. Advanced skiers can either tackle the all day tour into the High Meadows with a maximum elevation of 7,300 feet, or enjoy the very popular half-day loop down through the open glades of McCue Ridge.

Skiing down to the parking lot at the end of a visit is another popular pastime at Alpine Lakes High Camp. Three different routes down the mountain work well for skiers of all ability levels. Skiing the 8.5 mile road down is always an option. With only one short uphill, it's a great  and LONG last run!

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snowshoeing, Fat tire biking, + Sledding

Even if you're not a skier or your body needs a break from hitting the slopes, there's a plethora of terrain to explore from Alpine Lakes High Camp.

Snowshoeing is becoming an increasingly popular activity at Alpine Lakes High Camp. The numerous scenic viewpoints in the region make great destinations for winter hikes on snowshoes, while providing a relaxing escape into the winter wonderland.

Fat Tire biking is another great option with an expanse of existing trails in place!

Sledding is also a common pastime around camp for kids (and adults) of all ages! Naturally located along a slight slope, you don't even need to leave camp to experience the snow.  Here you can find gentle child friendly slopes to more thrilling hills for the adventurous.