Well, it is February the month of Valentine’s Day and I have a beautiful love story to share with you. This occurred over Thanksgiving which is why the snow levels in the video are not as huge as we have now! But, no matter, it is a great story.

Gal lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. When he decided it was time to propose he had a vision! He wanted to be deep in the mountains. He chose Scottish Lakes for the special moment. Yael and Gal flew into Seattle, rented a car and drove to our parking lot. Gal did not want any staff to meet them, he just packed up all that they planned to take up to High Camp and began walking up the road with Yael. She had no idea what they were planning to do or where she was headed. They both embraced the joy of the moment and walked up through the snow and cold towards Scottish Lakes. We eventually met up with them, picked them up and whisked them to their cabin deep in the mountains.

Gal brought a drone that he could operate using his cell phone. During their visit they took drone shots of their adventure….including the surprise proposal. Gal gave us permission, of course, to share this wonderful video with the Scottish Lakes community. I know you will enjoy it as much as we did.

Here is a quote from Gal:

I wanted to thank you, Eric, Kenzie and Larry for the amazing setting you provided us for getting engaged. You couldn’t have been more kind, accommodating and friendly, and the High Camp and the mountains are just stunning. Truly nothing like it. We will never forget our time up there, and hopefully will make our way back there again one day.