The clear, sunny Indian summer weather makes just being at Alpine Lakes High Camp a pleasure. Take a nap in the hammock, play a game of horseshoes, feed the birds, walk up the hill to pick a handful of huckleberries or sit around the campfire telling stories and counting shooting stars.

However, if you're looking for some exercise, there are eight distinctively different hikes, varying in length from 2 to 11 miles, that lead directly from Alpine Lakes High Camp to several rewarding destinations. Six of the hikes lead the backcountry traveler into spectacular scenery of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area. Fishing is excellent in all of the lakes in the region, and due to the proximity of alpine lakes, an inflatable paddleboard is never a bad option as well. Wilderness permits are available for hikers in the day lodge at Alpine Lakes High Camp.

  • Sunset Meadow and Nature Trail – 1.5 miles round trip
  • Inspiration Lookout and Stegosaurus Rock – 2 miles round trip
  • McCue Ridge – 3.5 miles
  • Lake Julius and Loch Eileen – 6 miles round trip
  • Chiwaukum Lake – 6 miles round trip
  • Lake Donald and The High Meadows – 8 miles round trip
  • Lake Ethel – 9 miles round trip
  • Larch Lake – 10 miles round trip
  • McWaukum Scramble – 10 miles round trip

mountain biking - coming in 2018

Welcome to mountain biking paradise! With a network of biking trails easily accessible for every skill level, it's a good thing the days are longer. This is a whole new way to experience the epic scenery surrounding Alpine Lakes High Camp. And if you're still not satisfied after several days of riding, bike down a 8 mile singletrack straight to your car at base camp. What better way to cap off your stay in the mountains. 

Stay tuned for trail map build updates and details.